Photo Electric Sensors

The Emitter and Receiver are installed in the same housing and light normally does not return to the Receiver. When light from the Emitter strikes the sensing object, the object reflects the light and it enters the Receiver where the intensity of light is increased. This increase in light intensity is used to detect the object.

We have Photo Electric Sensor available in shape of cylindrical & rectangular & Sensing range upto 1 Meter.

Photoelectric Sensor

  • Type : Diffuse / Retro-Reflective / Through Beam
  • Shape : Cylindrical / Rectangular
  • Sensing Distance : 50mm........50Mtr.
  • Output Circuit : PNP/No/NC, NPN/NO/NC, Push-Pull
  • Operating Voltage : 12-30VDC
  • Connection Type : Cable / Connector